Kohlberger uses digital-projection technology in a radical way. Through impulses and waves of pure light, the intentional overload of the human perception apparatus leads to visual impressions that appear exclusively in the literal »eye of the beholder«. Layers of noise, drones and stroboscopic lights unfold a sense of the infinite, which fascinates him both as the ultimate abstraction and because it is inveterately fuzzy. Image surface and image space meld into one (consciousness-)state, in which categories such as being and non-being, material and immaterial appear obsolete.

Selected A/V Live performances:

2018 SET Fest, Teheran (with 9T Antiope)
2018 Ars Electronica Festival (with Peter Kutin)
2018 Berlin Atonal (with CURA MACHINES)
2018 Moogfest, Durham NC (with CURA MACHINES)
2018 Heart of Noise, Innsbruck (with Peter Kutin)
2017 Superdeluxe, Tokyo
2017 MUTEK Argentina, Buenos Aires (with Jonas Kopp)
2017 Mapping Festival, Geneva
2017 Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam
2017 Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam (with Scott Monteith)
2016 Berlin atonal Festival
2016 katarakt Festival Hamburg
2016 reMusik Festival St. Petersburg (with Ensemble for New Music, Tallinn)
2016 Constant Value, Seoul
2016 kunstkapel, Amsterdam
2015 Black Nights Festival, Tallinn (with Ensemble for New Music, Tallinn)
2015 WORM Rotterdam (IFFR Festival)