On display at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York as part of the exhibition «Against the Specialist» September 2012–January 2013

As with all of his works, Kohlberger lets random processes intervene on various levels. Structured and laid-out in a very strict fashion by the artist, a series of individual 60-second moving image modules unfolds. The modules are, however, serially infinitely combinable. On three screens – it could just as well be five or ten – the individual modules engage in an infinite interplay. The media players are set on shuffle. This deliberate randomness makes the various animations move toward and away from each other in their spatial expansion. Chance continuously rearranges the animations in their infinite loops. Variation, metrics, and chromatics govern the piece. Much like Schoenberg, Kohlberger aims for “the utmost unreality” – concrete color surfaces and atmospheres refer to nothing but themselves. 
Text: Eva Fischer

( multiscreen video installation, #visualmusic, 60sec paintings in motion, +prints )