Jun 2011

Part of the «Let’s feed the future» Workshop Collaborative at OFFF2011 in Barcelona.

Apr 2011

Created an installation version of rain that was part of bulthaup shifting contexts at the Milan Design Week 2011.

Feb 2011

Part of the Exhibition Shift that we did in Prague

Jan 2011

Teaching «Generative Design» in Hagenberg

Nov 2010

I gave a talk about Theseus at this happened Utrecht.

Nov 2010

I hosted a Visual Music Workshop at Node 2011 in Frankfurt.

Sep 2010

Creative Direction of «Screen Visuals» for the Ars Electronica Awards 2010

Sep 2010

«killshots» is a series of generative posters

Jun 2010

Exhibition Design / Generative Installation at Theseus Innovation Center at Fraunhofer HHI Berlin

Jun 2010

Audiovisual live performance «Constellations» at Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Jun 2010

Hosting the Workshop «Generative Design & Animation» at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

May 2010

Teaching «Audiovisual Design» at TU Berlin / Audiokommunikation

Mar 2010

rain is a minimalistic audio visual composition you can play yourself

Jan 2010

Last semester I was teaching at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences / School of Media. The course was named «Algorithmic Media Creation»

Nov 2009

Some Contributions + Visual Support on Audion’s Hecatomb Tour in North America

Oct 2009

Created the installation Ghostwriter exhibited at the stop.spot! festival 2009

Sep 2009

Designed and animated realtime generated Visuals for the Ars Electronica 2009 Festival Award Ceremony

Sep 2009

One of my prints from the «ohne autor» series has been published in the book glitch – designing imperfection

May 2009

redesigned filmriss.at

Apr 2009

performed with PAN AM SCAN at the Electronic Church in Berlin

Feb 2009

Visual Design and Implementation of Screen Savers, a work by Bjørn Melhus

Jun 2008

Interaction, Visual Design and Programming for «Sala Agua», the Acciona Pavillon at EXPO 08/ Zaragoza/ Spain

May 2008

Screen Design & Implementation of the Software for the «Genetic Sequence Flipper» commissioned by ArchiMeDes and exhibited at Odysseum Köln

Apr 2008

updated the film:riss 08 website

Sep 2007

created the website madeby.at for Tanja Lattner, a textile designer from Linz

Jul 2007

completed my study at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg/ MultiMediaArt. passed the diploma exam with distinction.

Apr 2007

Ohne Autor exhibited at lothringer13/ laden in munich

Mar 2007

updated the website for film:riss 07

Jan 2007

PIANO CON MOTO at Tesla, Berlin

Dec 2006

did visuals for these noisy guys at the fluc in vienna

Dec 2006

gave a Pd workshop at the University of Applied Sciences/ Multi Media Art in Salzburg

Nov 2006

curated gen.related together with Judith at the Galerie 5020 in Salzburg

Sep 2006

executive director at offscreen from October 2005 to September 2006

Sep 2006

jury member of EUROPRIX Top Talent Award 2006

Aug 2006

designed + programmed CitySound

Aug 2006

doing my internship for Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis) in Munich and Roma

Jul 2006

did the technical implementation for buzz-buzz, a work by lucas horvath exhibited at the salzburger kunstverein

Jun 2006

presented our installation kreisen at the inventionen festival, Berlin

May 2006

created the video installation Boheme electronique, part of the exhibition for Ingeborg Bachmann’s 80th birthday in Vienna

Apr 2006

organized instant36 for the second time

Apr 2006

presented our installation kreisen at the newstage festival at the CCRMA, stanford university

Apr 2006

designed a new website for film:riss 06

Feb 2006

created an animated entry screen named pxl bastard for subnet

May 2005

Screening of our little road movie Vagabonds on US Soil at Crossing Europe 2005

Jan 2004

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